Sunday, May 10, 2015

Saturday at the Coast

We've had our trailer 4 weeks, and of the 2 weekends that we were going to take it out the weather nixed our plans, so we decided to just take her out for a day trip to the coast.
   We went to the overlook by Duncan's Landing (between Bodega and Jenner) and just parked her and had lunch, read, watched the birds, and painted parts of our little clock for her (to make it match the trailer better.) It was really gusty and cold, but the view was gorgeous and it was wonderful to enjoy the view and not be frozen or windblown!!  :-)  We really felt spoiled!!  :-)
This picture wast taken looking out the widow.  It looks a little dark and grey, but it was brighter about an hour earlier, and the sea was and amazing bluish-green.  So pretty!!
Our cozy little perch overlooking the ocean.  It was great!!  And since they closed the bathrooms that were at Duncan's Landing we've always had to leave in a rush when I needed to use the bathroom, but yesterday I had my own little portable potty!! :-D  Yay!!  It stayed light till about 8pm, so we had a nice afternoon with plenty of time to relax.  Can't wait till we can REALLY take her camping!!

And if you look at the quilt in my previous post, you'll see that the blue-green in the quilt is to go with the blue-green of the trailer!