Saturday, August 1, 2015

Sweetness Mini Quilt

     Well, I'm squeaking in just under the wire with my finish for the Schnibbles Parade, but I worked on this all day and stayed up late (like almost 4am late!!) to finish it up!  I had the pattern already so I figured I really ought to actually do this one, instead of just intending to do it!  :-)

     The pattern is Sweetness, a set of 3 mini quilts in one pattern (quite a deal in my opinion!), by Corey Yoder of Little Miss Shabby.  The pattern is printed up on nice heavy, glossy cardstock, with great color and clear instructions.  I decided to make the Floret Mini since I also have the other two patterns in the larger size and I figured why make a mini and then repeat it in a larger size?   I knew with what I call my "Hobby ADD"  I'd never finish the larger version if I had already done a mini! :-D

    So here is my Floret mini: no name for it yet.  I'm bad at that:  It's a wonder my girls have names!  It's for our trailer, thus the green to match.  I was planning to make it into a pillow, but it's a bit big for that (19x19"), so maybe a table topper.  I'm pretty happy with it.

              And here it is during the chain piecing process!  I thought                 I'd never get done with all those stitch and flip corners!
                         And now I'm off to bed!!  
                                        Hugs to you all!!